Altius is creating a new paradigm to catalyze ground-breaking biological discoveries, integrate molecular and computational science and engineering, and empower basic innovation and technology development to radically accelerate the leap from basic to medical breakthroughs.



Altius collaborates with an international network of scientists and its unique environment synergizes with major publicly-funded research efforts aiming to chart the functional genomic landscapes of human health and disease, including the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE), the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project, the TaRGET Consortium, and the Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) Program.  Altius is also pursuing development of breakthrough technologies as an NHGRI-funded Center of Excellence in Genomic Science.

Altius is integrating functional genomics, computation, automation, genome engineering, and advanced imaging to connect fundamental mechanisms regulating genes, cells, and tissues with human physiology, pathology, and the development of new medicines. 

These efforts are generating data on an unprecedented scale that require new approaches for visualizing, sharing and disseminating scientific results.